red telephone repair

Here at Andy’s Vintage Emporium we offer a complete repair and restoration service for any type of old telephone equipment. As well as telephones, we can also quote for work on other items such as old radios, gramophones, television sets and the repair of any broken bakelite or ABS plastic items.

For a free no-obligation quote for the repair or restoration of your vintage equipment please contact us here.

How much does a repair or restoration cost?

Our prices for the repair of your vintage telephones etc varies depending on the item, cost of parts required and time taken to do the repair etc. However it’s probably less expensive than you think.

Here is a rough guide to prices of some of the more common jobs we do. All prices approximate and exclude return postage to your address.

Replace line cord with BT ‘plug and socket type’ £10-20

Replace handset cord £10-20

External clean and full service of telephone £30

Colour restoration of faded plastic telephone cases £45

Fault finding and repair of internal components from £10

Dial cleaning and servicing from £20

Supply of new dial centre labels (with your own phone number etc!)
Can be supplied through the post for you to fit yourself. With full instructions.
£2.95 including postage.

For more information and a free quotation please call Andy.
Tel:- 07837 306824

See our restoration of this smashed telephone case by clicking the picture.